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Bridge skills gap for smooth operations. Krishna Technologies offers comprehensive, world-class training courses. Since 1984, thousands of customers have been trained in the use of leading OEMs products. Krishna Technologies technical training pushes beyond traditional classroom settings with innovative training products in a wide variety of media including new and exciting distance learning opportunities.

Krishna Technologies Value Proposition

  • On Premise. All trainings conducted at Krishna Technologies Regional Centers.
  • Price Lock for up to 4 Participants.
  • Select modules and plans available as per resource availability and requirement.
  • Flexible Calendar Scheduling Available.
  • Extensive and separate Troubleshooting Module included for all technologies.
  • Attractive Proposition for Pakistan and Middle East Customers. Clients can save on Travel, Board, Daily Allowance and Actual Cost of Training.
  • Training Material such as documentation and recording of sessions included.
  • Participant's progress shared with the Team Leads and management through assessment tools.
  • Hands on exercises included and customized on the job scenarios discussed.
  • Remote Training via video conferencing also available for out of city or on project resources.

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